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A little about us, and what we have done within the community of Rotorua

About us

The Rotorua Sustainable Charter Inc. is a member organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the Rotorua District.

The Rotorua Sustainable Charter was established in 1998 by a group committed to making Rotorua the most sustainable destination in the Southern Hemisphere. The founders (Harvey James - Waimangu Volcanic Valley, Dr. Craig Thompson - Waiariki Institute of Technology, and Deryck Shaw - APR Consultants) were committed to developing a flax roots initiative derived from best practice sustainable models. Member businesses are committed to continually improving all business dimensions, including their social, cultural, and environmental performance.

Rotorua was the first region in New Zealand to establish such a group and members of the Rotorua Sustainable Charter, include most of the larger tourism businesses and many small and medium-sized businesses.

While initially made up of tourism businesses, in 2011, the Charter was expanded to introduce those sustainable practices to the wider Rotorua business community.

Rotorua residents and those visiting the district have a role to play in making Rotorua a more sustainable destination. By choosing to support businesses that have committed to sustainable practices, residents and visitors are encouraging other businesses to adopt the same sustainability ethic.

The Rotorua Sustainable Charter has a Sustainability Advisor, with the support of a small team, to ensure that these sustainability practices are encouraged, monitored, and improved. The goal is to support our members through their sustainability journey and to identify key opportunities for short-, medium- and long-term improvements. Members pay an annual fee to support the Charter and access the Sustainability Advisor services.


Peer learning opportunities are created for member businesses to share their successes and challenges. Members have also come together in the past to work on ecological restoration projects such as the Kauaka Stream by the Waipa Mountain Bike Carpark.

To learn more about our HISTORY, click here

APR Consultants

APR Consultants Ltd was involved in the inception of the Charter in Rotorua and have worked

as a major sponsor ever since.

For more than 20 years APR has managed the Rotorua Sustainable Charter through the role of

the Sustainability Advisor. In the past 10 years, APR has also taken over the role of Charter



A big thank you also to our past and present sponsors, Bay Trust, Rotorua Trust, and Rotorua NZ.

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